Don's Story

Day 1 (August 5, 2017):  Don came to Next Level with complaints of chronic pain due to neuromas at the balls of both feet.  Don was an avid runner before his feet made him hang up his running shoes.  He would run 3 miles a day, 4 days a week.  For years, Don could not run - then he put his trust and hope in the Next Level Team.

Solution: Don’s issue was going form a lack of proper ankle mobility which increased the stress and pressure on the balls of his feet when he walked and ran.  The Don and Next Level Solution included:

1. Hands on manipulation and joint mobilization to     restore his ankle mobility 

2. Metatarsal supports and foot stability training to     alleviate stress on the neuromas

3. Running cues for form.

Results: on his 3rd visit, Don reported that he was able to run 3 miles without pain!  


Graduation Day (August 24, 2017): On his 4th visit, normal ankle range of motion was achieved and Don was discharged from Physical Therapy with a clear home exercise program to continue to improve on his own.  


It is amazing what a little movement in the right direction can do. Stay tuned for Don’s remarks on his experience at Next Level!


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