SUSAN'S STORY: "I’m so grateful to Next Level for giving me the opportunity to act like I’m 30 again! "

“Over the past 10 years, I’ve been to PT, Acupuncture, Chiropractors, etc.  Some helped a bit, come just took my money.  I was pretty frustrated and thoughtI would always be in the pain I was in.  Next Level isn’t your typical PT place.  I see how each client is treated with special attention.  

I was at a level 8-9/10 pain everyday. I couldn’t sit, stand, drive, sleep without pain.  Normal household chores were difficult. 

On my first visit, Amy had me wear a belt for my pelvis.  I can’t believe a simple band could make such a difference.  The exercises are customized for me and I feel Amy actually enjoys figuring out to help me.

To wake up, get out of bed and not feel like I’d been in an accident is amazing.  I am able to continue line dancing without feeling like I’m going to injure myself. I have a lot of energy so being able to garden, work around the house and hike is exciting.  Also, being able to go on a long drive or sit and read in comfort is unreal!

“I’m 56 and felt like I had an 80-year-old body.  My husband and I are recent empty nesters and I’m so grateful to Next Level for giving me the opportunity to act like I’m 30 again!”


Lynette's Story: Back to working 12 hour shifts on my feet!” 

“Before Next Level PT, I had back pain with all movements and decreased strength.  I was surprised at how weak I was!    Now after PT at Next Level I am back to working our, have full mobility and no pain, and I am back to working 12 hour shifts on my feet!  I was feeling pretty defeated during my painful period and now, I feel much better and don’t feel limited!   I love it at Next Level - not just for the physical improvements - the attitudes and support here are unmatched!”

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Tricia's Story: “I was in severe low back pain”

“I was in severe lower back pain.  I could not sit up or perform everyday functions without pain.  I could not walk upright without feeling stiffness and pain in my lower back.  

After treatment at Next Level, I have been able to resume all activities and have actually come back stronger and with proper form.  I am back to running, lifting weights, bending and have no problem performing everyday functions!  I learned how to properly strengthen my core and I feel confident and ready to meet and exceed my fitness goals without injury. 

The Next Level team got me back to being healthy and more aware of the importance of proper form.  Being able to resume the activities and hobbies I enjoy means the world to me.  I was mentally not feeling happy and now I’m relieved to be back to healthy”