"Old" is NOT a Diagnosis.

Ever feel like your medical professional has given up on you?  Ever hear the words?:

     “Well, as you age…” or

     “Your joint is just worn out,”  or have you been told

     “You just can’t do [insert activity that you love] anymore.”

“Old” is not a diagnosis - it just means that your body has incurred chronic injury from improper movement patterning, postural habits or behaviors.

Just like when the brakes on your car start to squeal... that didn't happen because you tapped on them that day.  Or when you find out you have a cavity in your tooth... that wasn't from the candy bar you ate yesterday.   Injuries passed off as "old age" can be years in the making and just because you are of an “experienced" age - doesn’t mean that you have to live with it!  There are many options.

Our physical therapists are highly trained to seek out the root cause of your issue, develop a meaningful plan to address your pain and restore function so that you can [insert activity you love here].   Yes, some people have waited until the joint is completely broken down and they need a replacement, but there are 80 year olds who run marathons. Granted we all can’t be that guy, but it just goes to show that being told you are just “old” with out offering a solution is a bunch of BS.

Call us to make an appointment - and we will shoot your straight and point you toward your solution.  As promised - here’s a little fun (with some profanity):

Louis CK on getting old - beware there is a curse word or two

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