Next Level Physical Therapy and Athletic Performance in Santa Clarita, CA is looking for a SUPERHERO Physical Therapist to join our team!


Next Level is looking for a full time physical therapist who is:

  1. PASSIONATE about physical therapy and treating patients with orthopedic and sports injuries
  2. HUNGRY to learn new skills and techniques, openly share ideas to spark innovation and cultivate fellow team members, and excited to advance the field of physical therapy
  3. A TEAM PLAYER, adding to our positive and healing environment in a way that inspires optimism and achievement for our patients, team and business.


Before you get excited and apply, there’s more you should know…

You need to be a people-person. Even though we are known for our expertise in outpatient orthopedic PT, it should be understood that we are in the people business. One of the biggest reasons for our success is the understanding that our patients are everything to our expanding business.  We go to great lengths to get to know them, learn what motivates them, and what their goals are.

You must be a lifelong learner.   We are always going to be learning new skills and techniques. This keeps us at the forefront of our profession and allows us to stay ahead of the rest.

You will be directly involved in helping the practice continue to grow through involvement with patient education workshops and seminars and other events.

You must be a consistent and steady team player. In physical therapy, and life, you quickly realize you’re only as strong as your weakest link.  We have a strong sense of team, and are serious about the long-term success of all staff members and the business as a whole. If you want to be a key part of a special group, this position at Next Level will be an ideal situation for you.

You must be someone who loves being a Physical Therapist and would like the freedom to perform your craft.


So, if you’re outgoing, fun loving, and passionate about helping people, we want to meet you!

If you’re serious about possessing and building your skills and willing to share your knowledge with the team, let’s talk!

If you are unwilling to learn new things because you know it all, please do not apply.


Interested?  Here is what we need:

1. Resume: education, all prior work experience and the skills that you possess. Three professional references that we can contact which would not jeopardize your current position. No more than one or two pages in length.

2. Cover Letter:  In 200 to 300 words please explain why you are the perfect Physical Therapist to fill this position, your future goals, and something personal and funny.  Email:

The earlier you get your resume in the better. Good people find jobs quickly so we aren’t going to lose a great candidate by stalling. We look forward to meeting you very soon.